Enjoy the beautiful countryside! 

We organise regular Saturday rides, usually at 9am from Ashridge House and ending at about noon.  In the summer we take advantage of warm longer days to do evening rides normally starting at 4.30 pm on Wednesdays.  We also organise occasional special rides to fresh destinations.

Our rides are mainly about enjoyment, taking on the odd challenge and good humour. We aim to finish a ride with a sense of achievement, tired but happy.  We don`t race or do anything beyond the capability of the whole group there`s no “leaving anyone at the back”, safety is paramount.

We stop often to enjoy the view, listen to the birds and take in our local, huge, Ashridge Forest, a mecca for cyclists from afar whose trails we frequently explore. In fact, we stop often to re-group, have a brief rest and naturally we all need a frequent pee!

Cycling Skills

If you have not ridden for a long time, we may do some "one on one" sessions to get you going and give you confidence. 


We aim to get you out of the armchair and progress you to being comfortable in the saddle as quickly as possible.


All levels of riders are welcome, from novices to experienced cyclists.

Stamina Building

With your cycling skills ready to go, the next step is to progressively build up the distance you can ride and hills you can climb in easy stages.


Riding as a group we plan rides conducted by ride marshals intended to improve your fitness, confidence and the enjoyment that comes from riding through fantastic scenery with good pals.

Sportives and Ride Outs

With improving stamina you can start to think about some really great days out. Something to aim at during your stamina building sessions.


We organise "Ride Outs" to places of interest with the transport back to the starting point organised and lunches laid on.  


We also ride as a group in British Cycling sportives and other fund raising events.

Cycling Skill and Stamina Building rides are planned to end at roughly the same time at a great cafe or coffee shop to talk together and share the day's experiences.

We encourage everyone to open up and share their problems and concerns about PCa.  The talking can be as equally important as the cycling - a problem shared is a problem halved.

Pedallers Days Out

Magnificent Wimpole Hall bequeathed to the National Trust by Rudyard Kipling’s daughter, provided a fine cafe break and a memorable background for the Pedallers cycle ride, mostly off road and in three stages, to the Norfolk coast

​Beautiful weather, fantastic scenery and cycling with friends - what's not to like?!

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