Prostate Pedallers Blog

Wobblers Bask In the Sun


An earlier start than normal for the Wobblers saw the group meeting 9am sharp at the Highfield Oval. Despite the effects of treatment, Bob made a supreme effort and turned out for the ride. Absolutely the right decision - as we say - if there is ever any doubt then do it!


As we are not as young as we once were we forgot to take our normal route off the Nickey Line and headed straight for Redbourn. A gentle ride around the common and back onto the disused railway line took us back up towards Harpenden. A Pedallers first was experienced as some bike maintenance was undertaken without Bob lying prostrate on the floor. And it was Bob's bike that needed adjusting as the chain refused to get back on. However we didn't have to wait long before Bob had his customary lie down and well deserved!


The group of four made it back to the café and basked in the sun while enjoying coffee and exceptional chocolate brownies - thanks Dave.


P.S. we won’t mention our new member's MTB…mum's the word.