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Whipsnade to Turvey Road Trip


The weather Gods worked their magic as the Pedallers assembled at Whipsnade for the 35 mile trip to Turvey. Pedals were changed, tyres were pumped and chains were oiled in preparation of what lied ahead!


Mike had decided to ride from St Albans so already had some miles under his belt, Tony had left his e-bike behind and unveiled his leg assisted road bike, Andy was on a spare Pedallers road bike and Leo was making his way from Turvey to meet us en route. There were murmerings amongst some Pedallers of the potential of a return journey and a 70 mile round trip....let's see how we feel when we get there was the feeling!


The Peleton headed off to Edelsborough and onto Eaton Bray. A decent pace was maintained as the group hit Stanbridge and Eggington, skirted by King's Wood and over Watling Street. The temperature was rising as the sun climbed higher and conditions were perfect as we hit Woburn and then Woburn Sands. Approximately half way there and all looking (if not feeling) pretty fresh and there was a clear reminder that the Prostate Pedallers caters for all age groups and capabilities...per our strap line 'Let's ride together'!


On we went in search of Leo - through Wavendon and then Cranfield's wind sock came into view as did Leo. The group spotted a Cranfield café and a decision was made to stop for what we thought was going to be a quick coffee with Leo. However we couldn't have predicted a 30 minute wait! We downed our coffees and jumped back on our bikes for the final 10 miles.


Not long to go when Charles hit a pot hole and blew out his front tyre but with Leo in full maintenance mode the delay was minimal. The group pushed on and reached Turvey where teas and coffees were more than welcome. Mike and Paul demolished plates of spag bol. Fuel the ride back Paul was thinking...


Time to chat and catch up with fellow Pedallers was welcomed as Jim and Paul made the decision to ride back to Whipsnade while the rest jumped in Charles's pick up for the ride home with bikes on the trailer.


On reaching Whipsnade Mike jumped back on his bike for his trip home but within 5 minutes he appeared in a car driving back into the driveway! His front derailleur had sheared off and he was given a lift back by a very kind passing lady motorist. Back onto the bike Andy had ridden that day for another attempt at getting home. There are always adventures on a Pedaller ride!


A great day out and a very good ride by all - especially Tony who is used to battery power and Paul and Jim who managed the 66 mile round trip. It's amazing what you can achieve when you are surrounded and supported by lovely Prostate Pedallers!!