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Whipsnade to Ashridge Round Trip


Today's ride saw Charles, Dave, Marko, Tony and Andy meet up at Whipsnade on a combination of MTBs and gravel bikes. A bit of a discussion ensued about the weather and what appeared to be indecisive cloud formations and contradicting weather forecasts. We were all surprised that Tony didn't have some form of meteorological device on his bike that could change the local weather! Marko informed us that such technology exists - every day is a school day!


As we departed Whipsnade, the sun poked out and warmed our bones as we headed down the first track. The fresh air certainly blew away any cobwebs as we wound our way towards the stunning Ashridge House and welcoming Bakehouse Café. Michael The Bear greeted us as we approached and we decided it was an opportune moment to grab a coffee, sit in the courtyard and soak up some rays of sunshine.


We were soon on our way for a quick tour through the forest and on through Studham as we made our way back to Whipsnade. Heavy rain came and heavy rain went without any impact on the group's progress. But progress was stopped as we had all been wondering why Demo Dave had been squeaking for some time....was it his bike, was it him? Well it turned out to be his nuts and one had strangely disappeared from his front fork. It was quickly decided it was too dangerous to cycle so Dave, or 'Billy No Nuts' as he is now called,  was left to push his bike to the local Garden Centre while the rest of the group returned to Whipsnade to summon the 4th emergency service (Charles in his pick up!).


Some waxing lyrical about the good old days when we were lads and some singing, albeit very bad, kept us going up some hills and down a few lovely lanes and trails. Another eventful, memorable and enjoyable Pedallers ride!


P.S. Not sure if anybody noticed but Charles had some lovely yellow sunglasses on....he was keeping it very quiet!