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Weekday Wobblers?


The Prostate Pedallers are rarely predicatble. We like to keep everbody on their toes and this week was no exception as the Wednesday Wobblers took off on a Tuesday! Totally controversial and utter madness we know....but that's how we roll.


Four riding this week with Ivan, Dave, Mark and Andy all present and correct. Some maybe more present than correct! The usual meet of the Highfield Oval saw the team head off to Redbourn at quite a pace as they raced down the Nickey Line. Reaching Redbourn in record time we circled the common twice before picking up the Nickey Line again for the gentle climb back to Knott Wood (aka Blubell Wood). Let's hope the bluebells are fully recovering and the wood re-opens to the public next year as it's a beautiful shortcut, especially in the Spring.


Mark pretended to have a call, sorry, had a call with the hospital during the ride so we had to stop which gave some of us a chance to have a quick chat and re-hydrate. Others had the chance to undress and then disappeared into the undergrowth! Oh the joys of being a Pedaller....


Heading off again, the fast pace was kept up as we sped down into Rothamstead Park, past the EMC, through The Avenues and back up Moreton End Lane to pick up The Nickey Line once again.


The tradition back at base was upheld as Dave shouted the coffees and Andy the cake all round. Just as we were tucking in, a familiar face appeared in the café - our fellow friend and Pedaller Paul and his son Alex! What a lovely surprise and that perfectly rounded off another great Pedaller morning.