Prostate Pedallers Blog

Wednesday Runners and Riders!


Demo and Darth headed off to the Harpenden Highfield Oval to meet and welcome Mark, a new Prostate Pedaller and now fellow Wednesday Wobbler!


We headed off down the Nickey Line towards Redbourn and then off through Rothamsted. A quick stop off at Rothamsted Manor and then down through the park between the trees, winding our way through the 'Avenues' and back onto the Nickey Line. 


We were blessed with sun and as we had the legs, we headed for Redbourn and a tour around the common, back onto the Nickey Line (via a new access point - very exciting!) and climbed the gradual hill back to the Oval. The customary cakes and coffees were taken (thanks to Mark) and we were joined by Bob and his two lovely pooches who all came for a catch up.


We basked in the sun, devoured our cakes and enjoyed a good chat. A great first ride for Mark with many more to come....there are whispers of an MTB on the horizon!!


N.B. as we are getting old we often forget to take photos of our rides and café meetings - will do better in the future we promise!