Prostate Pedallers Blog

To the Trenches and Back!


Various ailments, treatments and other reasons meant there were only two Pedallers that could make today's ride. Nothing was going to stop Tony and Ivan completing the ride across Berkhamsted Common and around Berkhamsted Golf Course avoiding the fairways, greens and bunkers. There was also a stop off to take a look at the WW1 trenches.


Making the return route via the climb to the Monument. This is where Tony powered up the hill on his e-bike and Ivan trailing behind wishing he had brought a tow rope! There was some mud and tree roots en route which was enjoyable and provided a challenge.  However, these are experienced and well travelled riders who have honed their cycling skills over many previous rides and this helped with navigating the conditions.


Another enjoyable Pedaller's ride with perfect weather and of course finishing off with the obligatory coffee provided by Tony at The Bakehouse Café.