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Pedallers Tackle Hills and Visit Luton Airport


Despite Spring trying hard to get through, the mid week Pedallers ride braved the showers and took off down the old Great Northern railway line from Harpenden to Luton. 


This old line, in the valley of the River Lea, used to transport passengers and goods from Luton to Harpenden and beyond and was in service until 1965-1966.  The line also carried goods such as watercress to car parts, and hats to horses, together with large quantities of coal. The hats were made in Luton hence Luton Town FC being known as 'The Hatters'.


The long steep climb heading towards Someries Castle (a visit due another day) was tackled expertly in a very low gear and the top was reached with no stopping. Fantastic effort! A further mile took the team to the viewing area at Luton airport right beside the runway where the selfie below was taken. After a few technical issues of taking the selfie the wrong way round resulting in 10 pictures of the empty field opposite, you can just about make out a plane landing in the background!


The final hill back up to Highfield Oval meant the coffees were very much appreciated. Chocolate brownies were also hard to say no to.....a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips....thanks Ivan!