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Prostate Cancer - Treatment Breakthroughs


The Pedallers often talk about hope in many forms. One of those is to stay strong in the hope that a new treatment will become available and could help extend life or even cure the cancer. As is evident, new treatments are being worked on and continually become available.


The Times reports (Mon 16th October 2023 by Eleanor Hayward) that one recent breakthrough could reverse drug resistance in tumours and this could help men with advanced prostste cancer in particular. Many men's immune systems adapt and learn how to evade drugs and therefore they can stop responding to treatments.


A team at the Institute of Cancer Research in London have managed to target immune cells that normally help fight diseases but can be hijacked by cancer to help tumours grow. The team have essentially managed to resensitise the tumours to treatment.


In a trial of patients with Advanced PC, this new drug was found to reduce the size of tumours when given alongside Enzalutamide, a common hormone therapy drug.


Not only does this give hope to over 52,000 men who get diagnosed with PC each year it is thought that this new drug could be used in other cancers. It is also hoped that this study will lead to a new generation of drugs that can target cancers which have stopped responding to treatment.


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The Times article link (subscription may be required)