Prostate Pedallers Blog

Pedallers Ride Together!


It’s common for people thinking of joining a group to be hesitant. Will the group be friendly or cliquey? Will I fit in, will I be welcomed?


These are definitely not issues with the Prostate Pedallers. Actually far from it. The Pedallers are a group of guys sharing common experiences. All members, regardless of their age, background or diagnosis are welcomed warmly to the group. We ride, we talk, we laugh, we make friends, we bond and we support each other. 


We get out on our bikes in the sun and the rain and take in the beautiful countryside. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice we stay true to one of our many core values ‘We ride together’!


The ride on Wednesday was another great example of a Pedallers get together. Friends meeting up for a ride and a catch up. Some members being hampered by treatment regimes, others being a bit rusty but that not stopping the group riding together and supporting each other. Nobody gets left behind.


We cycled from Harpenden to Redbourn and did the popular Harpenden loop before returning to the Oval café. What really spurred the group on was the thought of the chocolate cake that Bob had kindly made - and what a work of art! Mark kindly got the coffees and we all sat outside and tucked in to the cake. We chatted and laughed and gained some calories - every now and then you have to right?!?


Today was a great reminder of what makes the Prostate Pedallers special.