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Pedallers Peloton Enjoying the Sun


Eleven Pedallers enjoyed Saturday’s sunshine ride from Ashridge. “New boy” John B was picked up from Tring station and surprised himself by succeeding in cycling back there accompanied by the peleton. On the way, the ever eager Andy rode down a fiercely steep gully which he almost triumphed over until the last few meters when he caught the edge of a post and acquainted himself intimately with a patch of muddy ground.


After dropping off John B, the peloton zoomed around the golf course perimeter path, almost applauded by the adoring golfers who no doubt used our passage as excuses for sliced shots….the Pedallers then acquitted themselves well on the fearsome “Steps” which only defeated a few who will return to succeed another time. Back to the Ashridge cafe for a debrief as Andy’s ribs started ominously to seize up.  Coffees (and cake for some) were followed by a planning meeting for next weeks ‘ride out’ to Jordan’s Mill.