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Wednesday Pedallers Balance Exercise and Diet


The intrepid Wednesday morning Pedallers set off on a familiar path down the Nickey Line in search of sun (no chance), bluebells (a few) and coffee (plenty!).  


A winding path through Rothamsted took us past the manor and down through the park. Looping back onto the Nickey Line we took off at speed down the hill to Redbourn in search of caffeine only to find the Pudding Stop closed. However The Hub saved the day and while ordering the drinks, Bob, Andy and Ivan snapped up a piece of very attractive Vegan Chocolate Fudge Cake. Demo Dave on the other hand declared his iron will and refused to take part….although this abstinence lasted just under 6 seconds and another piece was ordered and wolfed down in a similar time!


Back on the bikes in a vein attempt to ride off the calories just taken on board, we headed back up the hill to Harpenden and onto the Highfield Oval, where, rather than saying our goodbyes we all agreed that we should visit the Oval cafe for more coffee. The crew discussed many major world issues before Bob talked us through his lobotomy which we later discovered was his phlebotomy!


Another gentle 11 mile ride and always great to catch up with fellow Pedallers, put the world to rights and consume coffee and cake. What a great way to spend a Wednesday morning…