Prostate Pedallers Blog

Pedallers at the Bedford Kite and Motoring Festival


The Prostate Pedallers took the Bedford Kite and Motoring Festival this weekend by storm! Perfectly situated by the Butterfly Bridge and nestled between some crazy novelty cars and the F1 simulator, we set up our stunning new gazebo in glorious sunshine.


The event quickly gathered pace and we were soon enjoying heavy footfall, some touching conversations and plenty of donations from a never ending stream of really lovely, generous people. We all had great conversations with people - from those who had Prostate Cancer or were affected by family and loved ones having Prostate Cancer to younger men and women who were interested in finding out more about the disease and others that were interested in setting up a Peddaller group in their area - from Jersey to Bedford, Hampshire and beyond!


Our own efforts were massively enhanced by Sham, Lord Luxley and his team who donned our PP t-shirts and grafted endlessly all day to support our charity. We can't thank you enough for your ongoing kind and generous support - it is hugely appreciated and it all just wouldn't be possible without you!


On top of the money we raised, we spread awareness of the disease and waxed lyrical about the importance of exercise and how cycling can really benefit those with a PC diagnosis and those undergoing treatment.


What a weekend and what a great experience....roll on the Fete du Velo in Redbourn where we will be putting our gazebo up again on Sunday July 2nd!