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Here's Mud in Your Eye!


Dave, Ivan and Andy rode out of The Oval today and took on Heartwood Forest, Hammonds Farm and Nomansland before returning to Harpenden. A great mixture of road and off road ensured the trio got caked in mud. Some of it thick, some sticky, some slippy and some of it deep. And some of it all of those things!


Ivan and Andy were anticipating the unveiling of Dave's new e-bike with anti-lock braking no less. Alas it was not to be as Dave woke up to a flat rear tyre so had to revert to purely leg power.


A few testing hills, more on the side of long than steep got the lungs going as we headed towards Heartwood Forest where a nice downhill stretch awaited us.  We skipped a technical loop previously conquered and continued on to Hammonds Farm where the mud seemed to be more challenging with Dave lamenting the lack of e-bike as his gravel bike became firmly stuck!


The thought of the warm welcoming Oval Café kept us going up the remaining climbs. Jumping off our mud clad bikes we swiftly ordered coffee and cake/pastries (the maple and pecan pastries are highly recommended!).


Great to catch up and enjoy 13 miles in dry weather...there might not be too much more of it!