Prostate Pedallers Blog

Harpenden, Heartwood, Symondshyde and Nomansland Circuit


A 10.30am start from the Oval saw the Pedallers, with special guest star Harry, take on an unusally long Wednesday Wobbler ride. The group took on some on and off road action and headed off towards Harpenden Common golf course and then some undulations on the way to and through Heartwood Forest.


As the group were feeling adventurous we tackled a technical narrow trail on our way to Symondshyde Wood. A definite highlight of the ride as there were many tree roots, narrow, sharp turns and head hazards to avoid. All made it round with aplomb.


The trails through Symonshyde had pretty much all dried out and the trees made for a stunning backdrop. The group, always looking for new challenges found themselves in and amongst the ferns and you can just make out the heads poking out above!


Heading back through Hammonds End Farm and onto Nomansland, there were some gains and losses. Andy gained a puncture and ably assisted by Ivan and his new pump (on more than one occasion) was able to keep going. Bob assumed his usual emergency help position by lying down on the grass and we are pretty sure he was dreaming about cake! The loss was suffered by Harry as his front brake pads mysteriously disappeared on exiting the wood. Time for a new bike maybe!?!


A final flourish down the Nickey Line and 18 miles later the Pedallers made it to the Oval café - what a sight for sore eyes. The sun did it's best to make an appearance and seemed to be finally winning as we dismounted for our coffees and cake all round - thanks Dave! A great ride and tackled well by all, especially Bob whose stamina and strength improve on a weekly basis.