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The Varied and Potent Benefits of Cycling


Ask a Prostate Pedaller and they’ll tell you all about the benefits of cycling. However, even a seasoned cyclist will be impressed to read that regular pedalling can help you add years to your life.


A recent article in The Times (Tues 28th March 2023 by Peta Bee) confirms that cycling remains one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK as it makes you slimmer, healthier and it’s low impact meaning there’s less stress on your knees. The Times article refers to studies that show cycling can dramatically improve the health of an ageing body and have a potent anti- ageing effect.


Biologists at Birmingham University showed that committed cyclists aged 55 to 79 had significantly improved immune systems than people with a sedentary lifestyle. Further studies into muscle composition in cyclists showed that they had less fat in their muscles resulting in lower blood lipid levels and visceral fat.


This new research very clearly shows that cycling has multiple benefits and is a fantastic way of staying healthy for longer. For the Prostate Pedallers, there is no better way of exercising and keeping fit. Many men who are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer require treatment which can compromise their energy levels and hormone treatment can have a big impact on muscle mass and bone density. Cycling is a perfect way to help mitigate these negative side effects and the Prostate Pedallers cycle, chat, share experiences and support each other in getting physically and mentally fitter.


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The Times article link (subscription required)