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Ashridge Forest Tour


With some Pedallers taking on organised cycling challenges and others with busy schedules this Saturday, just three Pedallers and one guest made it to Ashridge House for today's ride. Proceedings started with a pre-ride coffee (controversial we know!) but it helped the group warm up and catch up.


We then managed to drag ourselves away, get on our bikes and make straight for the mud. On the way out towards Berkhamsted golf course we went through the forest where we found plenty of puddles and paid another visit to the WW1 trenches. It's always hard to imagine the enormous effort it must have taken to dig the 13 miles as part of training for the Great War. We then headed through the wooded areas towards the Bridgewater Monument.


After posing for a photograph at the monument we then headed back to Ashridge House finishing up with another coffee and chat at the Bakehouse. Two coffees, a chance to catch up and a great Pedallers ride. Lovely!