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Ashridge Open Fields and Technical Trails


The Pedallers were blessed with some Autumn sun as they met up at Ashridge House, a location that is always easy on the eye. Charles had his pick-up packed with bikes and after Bob lost and then found his nuts, the bikes were all assembled and tyres pumped, the group were on their way.


A trip through the forest was abruptly halted as we encountered a tree across our path. Way too high to bunny jump we thought so we decided to use our mighty strength to shift it out the way. With 6 ideas on the best way to do this being shared Charles took charge and made some executive decisions.  On we cycled through the forest that just keeps on giving and then through some open fields that led us to a new café venue, Hill Farm Barn that had been tried out the previous week. We sat in the garden, chatted, laughed (Gadget lost it at one point!), drank coffee, ate cake. wallowed in the sun and watched the animals - well they seemed to be keeping an eye on us!


Due to recent deluges there was plenty of mud and puddles that made the ride slightly more challenging - concentration was the key as we skipped over roots and used our momentum to carry us through deep mud. 'Momentum is your friend' was ringing in our heads! The long technical trail was navigated by all as we headed back to Ashridge House for our onward journeys home.


Lovely ride chaps!