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Wednesday Wobblers go Muddy Meandering


A break in the weather was seized upon by the Prostate Pedalling Wednesday Wobblers. Surely the ground will have dried out even a tiny's late Spring....I mean it's practically Summer right?


Well, we were wrong. We left the Oval with Ivan sporting his new hi-viz PP prototype gilet; a snug fit is maybe being slightly polite! Making our way towards Cross Farm and Harpenden Common Golf Club we caught glimpses of sunshine and warmth. This was road activity so no sense of mud just yet. Taking the path down to Heartwood Forest and into Sandridge gave us a bit of a hint of what was to come. Slippery, sliding, wet, thick mud. The recent rain and intermittent sunshine had also led to some of the narow tracks being overgrown so we negotiated the nettles and thistles with no complaints. Well maybe some from Mark!


We would normally have ridden through Symondshyde Wood but the thick mud made this not much of an option so we took a left off Hammonds Lane and sped off down to Nomandsland. Even this route was uncharacteristically muddy but we powered on. Back up to the golf course and on to West Common, through Rothamsted Park and the Avenues and picked up the Nickey Line. A nice downhill stretch back to the Oval Café to finish off our 15 mile morning workout was only slightly interupted by Dave's chain being determined to come off.


The café may have a small selection of cakes but it is perfectly formed with the cinnamon swirls and the pecan danish both being culinary delights! Even Mark's cookie with smarties looked tasty. Two coffees provided by Dave and Andy to wash them down and we were set. Lovely stuff!