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Wednesday Nickey Line Wobble


After the veritable deluge that hit Harpenden last night, the sun came up smiling on Wednesday. Ivan and Andy took advantage of the temporary break in the wet weather and headed off from The Oval towards Redbourn and Hemel.


While it was dry, there was a bit of a biting wind but a few layers took care of that. Today was not about pace but a further effort to keep the legs and pedals turning and increase fitness levels. Having said that the pace did increase when a growling, barking dog took chase on the way home! Never seen Ivan move so quickly!


The 12 or so miles was completed and The Oval Café provided a warm safe space for coffee and cake. A lovely morning to clear away the cobwebs.


P.S. Quick note to anyone planning to share a cake with Ivan....make sure he cuts and you choose. I learnt the hard way :-(