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Roads and Forest Trails on MTB's


Saturday's meet up at Ashridge House saw Paul, Mike and Andy assemble at 9am in the glorious sunshine. Were these signs of Spring!?! Due to the recent heavy downpours it was decided we would head off on road towards Berkhamstead. 


The steep downhill descents blew away some of the winter cobwebs and went some way to prepare the riders for some of the very steep uphill climbs! No E-MTB's on show today so there was some blowing at the top of the hills although not so much for Paul or Mike, two of our fitter Pedallers!


Heading via Hudnall Common, Great Gaddesden, Potten End, Northchurch and Aldbury - then off the road and into Ashridge forest there was the usual emergency need for pee stops. Anybody with a PC diagnosis knows that most often when nature calls there isn't much time to spare and find a hidden area. However we were doing our best to be discrete but a woman walker was quick to criticise our urgent attempts of relief even though we were off the path. However, she was put right when we explained that we all were PC sufferers!


The forest trails were thick with rain and mud but the trio pressed on to complete the 12 mile ride. Back at the Bakehouse coffee and cakes were enjoyed with a great chat. The Bakehouse being so warm and weloming the decision was made to have a further coffee....a perfect Pedaller day and in the words of Mike "Quite simply: PP at its very best! Long live the PP!"


We couldn't agree more!


P.S. Andy's ride today was on a PP provided MTB so any would be Pedallers without a bike, don't worry, we can provide a bike while you get your cycling legs established or back.