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Post Normandy Mid Week Wobble


Eager to get back in the saddle, the Prostate Pedallers mid week crew met up at The Oval on Tuesday. PJ and Slim (sounds like an 80's pop act I know...) rocked up early following an initial 13 mile ride. They even had time to grab a coffee with Demo Dave before we set off. No cake was mentioned but we can't be sure!?


Having been blessed with glorious sunshine in France, Blighty couldn't match it and we were faced with grey skies and drizzle, the fine rain that soaks you right through (credit P Kaye). We took the Nickey Line, past Knott Wood, through Rothamsted Experimental Station's fields and into the park.


Heading up past Pimlico Cottages and onto Childwickbury the team of 5 took on the challenges of the 'Forest of No Return". Today, however, the trees were navigated successfully and we were out at the first attempt. Might have to rename the forest, 'The Forest That You Can Sometimes Return From' but that's not quite as catchy.


Mark, a regular mid weeker, was desparate as usual to find some mud and Andy obliged accordingly. Muffled mutterings of disbleief were heard! Back down the cycle path from Childwickbury and up towards the golf course where more mud was navigated (it is July isn't it?) and then wound our way through the edge of the golf course with a brief but exciting visit to the Ups and Downs, Harpenden's very own clay pit and accidental bike park. All navigated it successfully and headed towards the Common, past the cricket club and then back up through the top of Rothamsted to join the Nickey Line again for a final descent back to The Oval.


A reasonable pace over the 18 miles covered today and a mixture of routes thrown into one. Back at the Oval Café, coffees were taken along with brownies and lemon drizzle cake. A great morning, great ride and great crew!