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The Pedallers woke up to heavy rain this morning despite the forecasters prediciting otherwise. Maybe not quite a Michael Fish scale of error but nevertheless....


Luckily by the time we had assembled at the Oval, the rain had stopped and the sun was doing its best to make an appearance. Ivan, Mark and Andy headed off to Luton airport deciding to take the road route there and the round trip back via the disused railway that runs from Luton to Harpenden. We encountered most types of transport by the time we got there and were somewhat suprised we didn't see any boats due to the recent waterlogging experienced.


Despite rumours of other activity (!) the viewing area at the airport is, it has to be said, very close to the runway. We watched with a few ounces of envy as the jets took off full of holiday makers. Maybe they were looking at us full of envy on our bikes!


Taking the long hill back down to the Lower Luton Road, we headed back along the old railway line and then completed the 11 mile trip climbing the hill back up to the Oval. Straight into the café for a coffee and a cake. The maple and pecan swirls are highly recommended - it's fairly certain they would have got a Hollywood handshake if they had been produced on the GBBO!!


Another lovely Pedaller outing..