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Pedallers Get into the Spirit!


The Pedallers rocked up to Whipsnade at 9am and looked like what can only be described as a Millets meets Mountain Warehouse cat walk. What a sight for sore eyes.


The weather was unkind but the hardy Pedallers were dressed for anything with all kinds of waterproof material, hats, gloves and boots on show. With a 6.5 mile walk to the Alford Arms ahead our footwear was likely to be the most important part of our equipment.


Unfortunately the pre-hike kit inspection carried out by Seargent Major Frost was cursory and didn't pick up the fatal flaw in Dave's boots. After approximately 1 mile Dave's boots surrendered to the conditions as both, yes both, soles detached themselves from the rest of the boot! Emergency repairs were in order and were carried out very professionaly using some thick string that was luckily hanging from a nearby gate. On we went...


The slippery mud and enourmous lake like puddles were navigated and there was a huge sigh of relief from the group as The Alford Arms loomed into view. Straight to the bar, pints were ordered and despatched quickly. We knew we could have lingered there all afternoon drinking but we had bigger, grander plans back at the Old School House where food and booze had been pre-prepared. Party hats, helium filled balloons and crackers helped the crew get into the Christmas spirit but we needed no help getting into the other spirit available! The food was washed down with beer, cider, wine and port, including Bob and Andy's home baked cakes. Bob excelled himself with a bike themed fruit cake and Andy broke his baking duck with a lemon drizzle!


A really great day and what a great bunch of people to celebrate another fantastic Pedaller year with. Lots of events to look forward to in 2024 with our gazebo to be making further appearances at shows in the summer and our France cycling trip to name just two.


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