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Pedallers Brave the Wind and Rain


If our ride today was an 80's Scottish pop band it would be.........yes that's right........Wet Wet Wet.


Meeting up at The Oval this morning were Slim and Paul (12 miles under their belt before we even got going), Mark (with 5 miles already cycled), Andy (with 0.25 miles already covered!) Marko (with fixed hub) and 'Gadget' Tony (back from Canada).


The conditions, it has to be said, were not great. With some of the Pedallers already soaked through, the fearless six set off for a route with a bit of mud, not too much, but enough to ensure our bikes would need a good clean by the time we finished. With some of the woodland trails still not navigable we adapted the route accordingly. A previously tested route on a Wednesday, we passed Heartwood Forest, Sandridge, Hammonds Farm and Nomansland. There were murmurings of heading back as the rain started to set in but we were a committed bunch and we pressed on.


A slight short cut as we came back into Harpenden - the Oval Café was calling. Coffee was enjoyed along with a good catch up and an unsuccessful attempt at drying out. A glimpse of sun and Jim and Paul were out of their seats ready for their 12 miles back home but it was not to be. The sun disappeared in an instant and was replaced by heavy rain!


So, 13 miles completed (more for others of course) and with the usual yearning for the Summer we all want and need. It will come, we must believe....


One or maybe two more rides before heading off to Cherbourg for our Normandy cycling trip! Exciting times for the Pedallers!