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No Velodrome, No Problem!


It might come as a surprise but the Pedallers don't have their own velodrome (donations haven't quite stretched that far!) but that doesn't stop the team cycling and as a result battling the rain and the wind this weekend.


A great effort today from the riders in tricky conditions to take on a ride out of Whipsnade down to Redbourn and back. Then to dry off and meet up with fellow team members after the ride, rewarded with coffee, cookies and cake.


New boy Richard Evans joined the group after the ride as did Bob who brought an enormous chocolate cake which was a good thing as Dave, Paul, Mike and Charlie were a tad more than damp on their return. Dave, to great fanfare, unveiled his new electro-steed which it must be said is a fair dinkum beaut!


Cake and coffee after, in the Old School House kitchen was fab and a long conversation about treatments followed……it's another Pedaller core value that we continue to support each other as we all go through our cancer journeys.