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Nickey Line to Hemel


The Wednesday Wobblers took advantage of the sunshine on offer and headed off down the Nickey Line. These mid-week rides are a perfect way to regain some fitness and today was no exception as Dave, Ivan and Andy kept up a steady pace through Redbourn all the way to the end of the Nickey Line in Hemel Hempstead.


There were big decisions to be me made during the ride; should we take on the steep descents on offer where the line ended. That was a relatively easy no although we did have a good look! We also had to consider stopping off at The Hub in Redbourn but Ivan made the executive decision to power on back to the Oval. Another 15 minutes to wait for our coffee!


Dave and Andy decided to turn the power off on their e-bikes on the way back and were both surprised at how well the bikes performed on 100% manual power. Even up the gradual incline so something to try more often.


The 14 mile round trip was completed and the customary Oval Café coffee and cake were welcomed warmly. The cinnamon swirls were off the charts!